Our Projects

We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

Building capacity within the Thai forestry community

National system development

As stakeholders develop a Thai national forest certification system suited to the needs of their specific national context, this project will ensure its smooth implementation.

Deploying landscape management plans in the Red Hills of Florida


Family forest owners in the Southern US produce 60% of the region's wood fibre, but their rate of certification remains low. This project will make certification more accessible through an innovative landscape management plan.

Exploring the potential of forests in fashion


Forest certification never stands still, and we always look to involve new sectors and enable the certification of new products. Past projects have developed the certification of rubber wood, cork and wild food - in 2016 we entered the world of fashion!

From the forest to the market: promoting forest certification in Korea

Market outreach

While there is a PEFC endorsed national forest certification system in Korea, low awareness of certification has been a challenge to its widespead uptake. This project aims at changing this.

Preparing South Africa’s small-forest owners for certification


With South Africa's national forest certification system now PEFC-endorsed, this project will ensure that small-forest owners are able to achieve certification and benefit from the advantages it brings.

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