Become an international stakeholder member

Demonstrate your commitment and activate your support to forests and PEFC by becoming an international stakeholder member.

Become an international stakeholder member

Our international stakeholder members include companies, organizations and associations, and they perform a vital role in supporting the work we do.

Benefits and opportunities of PEFC membership

  • Participate in the PEFC General Assembly with full voting rights.
  • Join PEFC working groups and committees on relevant topics including standards revision, marketing and regional promotions.
  • Partner with PEFC and other members on projects around the world.
  • Nominate representatives for consideration to the PEFC Board of Directors.
  • Support PEFC’s promotion of sustainable forest management and responsible procurement.
  • Engage in joint activities to increase the uptake of certification and market demand.
  • Benefit from bespoke training for your staff from the PEFC International team.
  • Exchange and discuss with other sustainability leaders at PEFC events.
  • Stay informed and abreast of PEFC developments throughout the year.
Our PEFC membership enables us to bring the voice of the 25 million family forest owners into PEFC and reinforce that it is the certification system of choice for us. Lorenz Freiherr Klein von Wisenberg, IFFA

Membership requirements

Companies, organizations and associations with principles and objectives supportive to PEFC’s are encouraged to become international stakeholder members.

International stakeholder membership is open to entities with a legal operating presence in two or more countries, legally registered as an international organization, and/or demonstrate international scope and representation.

If you are operating only at domestic level, we encourage you to join the PEFC national member in your country. Find the contact information for your country.

How to apply

To become a PEFC international stakeholder member, submit the application form with the requested supporting documentation to us at

International stakeholder member application form 180.56 KB

Our Board of Directors will consider your application and if recommended, the PEFC General Assembly will vote on it.

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