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We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

Fostering partnerships to promote PEFC certification in Hungary


Hungary was one of the few remaining European countries with a significant share of private forest owners, but without a national forest certification system. Our Collaboration Fund project helped to change this.

Mushroom traceability: from the forest to the plate

Non-wood forest products

As consumers become increasingly distant from the origins of their food, this project brought them closer together: tracing the journey mushrooms take from the forest to the plate, telling their story along the way.

PEFC-certified cork campaign

Non-wood forest products

If managed appropriately, cork production is sustainable. This project promoted cork certification at both ends of the supply chain: creating demand and encouraging sustainable production.

Synergies between FLEGT VPA and PEFC Certification


Exploring synergies and formal recognition between Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPAs) and certification in Ghana.

Indigenous Peoples & Certification


Raising the awareness of indigenous communities in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines to the opportunities and benefits offered by forest certification.

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