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We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

The future of forest work and communities


Around the world, young people are leaving rural areas in large numbers. This project will generate novel strategies to support the next generation of local forest workers, aiming at reducing the migration of young people.

C40-F40: Forty Cities, Forty Forests


With their high concentrations of people, influence and consumption, megacities have an enormous impact on climate change. By linking cities with forests, C40-F40 will empower cities to protect the globe’s most important carbon stores.

Sustainable charcoal traceability for enhanced forest protection and community livelihoods


Cambodia relies on wood fuels to meet its energy demand, but has the highest rate of deforestation in Southeast Asia. This project looks to ensure the traceability of sustainable charcoal through the development of chain of custody certification.

Advancing regional collaboration for optimized impact: The Baltic-Nordic Cluster

Market outreach

At PEFC, we have a long history of our members supporting each other. In this spirit, this project sees all our Baltic and Nordic members come together to increase the effectiveness of their joint operations through the creation of a PEFC cluster.

Exploring certification solutions for Trees outside Forests


Trees outside Forests were traditionally outside the scope of PEFC ‘forest’ certification, but with our latest Sustainable Forest Management benchmark standard, this has changed.

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