Case stories

Case stories

13 October 2023

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital: PEFC-certified timber helps to heal


PEFC-certified timber stars in a new healthcare project for Alder Hey children's hospital, helping to create a unique space for healing. Alder Hey breaks with the cold, institutional appearance of many hospitals with the sensitive and creative use of timber.

15 September 2023

Modvion Wind Turbine: sustainable wind energy thanks to wood


Wind power and PEFC-certified timber are coming together in a 105-metre wind turbine tower made of laminated veneer lumber. Wood technology company Modvion are currently installing the tower in Sweden. It will be the tallest of its kind using LVL supplied by the Finnish wood product company Metsä Wood.

11 August 2023

A new home for an old friend


After serving as a meeting point for PEFC staff and visitors at two World Architecture Festivals, our show stand had reached the end of its first life. Recognising that wood is a valuable natural resource, it was carefully dismantled and found a new home in Portugal.

10 July 2023

Clifford’s Tower: PEFC-certified timber gives new life to an ancient monument


Clifford’s Tower is the largest surviving structure from the medieval royal castle of York, built in the mid-13th century. It has been radically transformed with a modern timber staircase and engineered timber viewing area, breathing new life into this ancient monument.

5 July 2023

La Serrezuela: a wooden shopping centre gives bullring of the past a new life


The iconic construction combines a unique shopping experience with cultural and gastronomic delights, is surrounded by history and design – and made of PEFC-certified timber.

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