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Whether you're a forest owner or company within the forest supply chain, get PEFC certified and help protect the world's forests.

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Forest certification is a voluntary, market-based instrument, implemented through two separate but linked processes: sustainable forest management certification and chain of custody certification.

Supply chain companies and end users

PEFC chain of custody certification is available worldwide and open to all companies that manufacture, process, trade or sell forest-based products.

PEFC chain of custody certification provides independent verified assurance that the certified forest-based material contained in a product originates from sustainably managed forests. 

It enables you to demonstrate your legal and sustainable sourcing of forest products to your customers and provides you with a variety of advantages that help the environment, people, and your bottom line, such as access to new markets and compliance with legislation.

There are also several tailored PEFC chain of custody certification options available. PEFC group certification is our practical solution to make PEFC chain of custody certification feasible for small companies. Construction companies can take advantage of PEFC project certification to demonstrate their decision to build with PEFC-certified timber. Organizations with chain of custody activities in multiple locations can gain certification for all their sites under one certificate through PEFC multi-site certification.

Forest owners

Hundreds of thousands of forest owners around the world, from community forests to large company owned forests, have achieved PEFC certification.

PEFC sustainable forest management certification enables you to provide assurances that you manage your forests in line with challenging environmental, social and economic requirements – balancing people, planet and profit. 

Forest management is a long-term process, with the results of good practice often only apparent after decades. PEFC sustainable forest management certification gives you independent recognition of your responsible management practices now, providing you with many benefits.

For small-forest owners, we have our group certification approach. This alternative approach enables the certification of multiple forest owners as a group, so you can organize yourselves, pool your resources and work as a team to achieve certification. Designed specifically for small-, family and community owned forests; it ensures PEFC certification is affordable and practical.

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