Our Projects

We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

Raising the profile of forest certification in India

Market outreach

Limited awareness and a shortage of certified timber means the demand for certified products in India is low. This project looks to raise the profile of forest certification and develop the market for certified products in the country.

Advancing regional collaboration for optimized impact: The Baltic-Nordic Cluster

Market outreach

At PEFC, we have a long history of our members supporting each other. In this spirit, this project sees all our Baltic and Nordic members come together to increase the effectiveness of their joint operations through the creation of a PEFC cluster.

From the forest to the market: promoting forest certification in Korea

Market outreach

While there is a PEFC endorsed national forest certification system in Korea, low awareness of certification has been a challenge to its widespead uptake. This project aims at changing this.

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