Our Projects

We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

Supporting stakeholders to develop the Macedonian forest certification system

National system development

Following on from an initial outreach project carried out in the Southwest Balkans, this project guided Macedonia through the system development process, up to their application to PEFC for endorsement.

Establishing group certification for New Zealand’s small-forest owners


Over half a million hectares of New Zealand’s forests are owned by small forest growers, but uptake of certification had remained low. This project has made certification accessible through the development of a PEFC group certification system.

Using remote sensing to increase access to sustainable forest management information


With remote sensing an increasingly important tool within the forestry sector, we are supported the development of a web-based platform to monitor the sustainable management of forests in Finland using open-source satellite imagery.

Enhancing rural development in Spain through certified wild food products

Non-wood forest products

Moving certification beyond wood based products to include all products originating in forests is vital. Following on from our project focused on mushrooms, we supported the development of wild food products from certified Spanish forests.

Exploring pathways to deliver sustainable woody biomass


Woody biomass from North America is an increasingly important renewable energy in Europe, but it must be produced sustainably. This project looked to improve the communication and coordination between the relevant stakeholders in Europe and the USA.

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