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4 June 2019

Humans of the Forests – Anna’s story

Forests in photos

Our first video takes us to Asiago, Italy, where we hear the story of Anna Sella, the manager of a PEFC-certified forest.

31 May 2019

PEFC-certified fashion in the spotlight at Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Forests for Fashion

We were present at the Summit’s Innovation Forum, showcasing the enormous potential of responsibly sourced forest fibres for the fashion industry.

29 May 2019

Building a sustainable future by constructing with timber

Sustainable construction

While concrete, steel, cement and glass emit large amounts of carbon, wood stores it. Building with wood protects the climate and reduces our ecological footprint.

27 May 2019

It is the forests that make this Earth beautiful

Forests in photos

Rico Yulianto, a runner up in our 2018 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest tells us more about his photo 'Dusk Rainbow'

24 May 2019

Forests for Fashion - from Forest to Wardrobe

Forests for Fashion

Hosted by PEFC UK, ‘From Forest to Wardrobe’ looked at how fibres from sustainably managed forests can unlock opportunities for sustainability in fashion.

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