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19 April 2021

PEFC FOR-TRADE progress in the Lower Mekong Region

Driving innovation

To present the project and initiate the dialogue with local stakeholders, PEFC and our partners in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam held four national inception workshops in March and April.

14 April 2021

Penguin Parade Visitor Centre: A sustainable new timber home for Australia's penguins

Sustainable construction

Australia has a new award-winning Penguin Parade Visitor Centre, that’s home to 32,000 little penguins. Certified timber helped achieve the delicate balance between landscape and built form, and between people and wildlife habitat.

12 April 2021

German forest certification system submitted for endorsement

PEFC system news

The German national forest certification system has been submitted to PEFC for endorsement. Find out more in our upcoming webinar.

9 April 2021

European accreditation bodies ready to offer accreditation for the 2020 chain of custody standards

PEFC system news

Following the positive evaluation of the PEFC chain of custody by EA, European accreditation bodies can now provide accreditation against the 2020 PEFC chain of custody standards.

6 April 2021

If there was no forest, lots of animals would be gone

Forests in photos

This April we hear from Wim de Baets, a runner up in our 2020 PEFC Photo Contest, who tells us more about his photo ‘The Blue Carpet’.


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