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10 July 2019

Humans of the Forests – Roberto’s story

Forests in photos

In the second video of the series, we hear from Roberto, a community activist who wants to rebuild his village with PEFC-certified timber, after it was devastated by an earthquake.

9 July 2019

PEFC – A manifestation of a passion for forests

20th anniversary

PEFC has turned 20, but what was the situation before this, what led to our creation back in June 1999? Let’s take a look…

5 July 2019

Spain’s winning photos impress with wonderful landscapes

Forests in photos

We proudly present the winners of PEFC Spain's 'Disfruta del Bosque con PEFC 2019' photo contest - have a look!

2 July 2019

There’s still time to give your opinion on PEFC Chain of Custody and PEFC Trademarks

PEFC system news

You have until 9 July 2019 to give your feedback on our revised Chain of Custody and Trademarks standards.

1 July 2019

PEFC turns 20 – celebrate with us!

20th anniversary

Learn more about our year of celebrations and the history and future of PEFC!

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