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23 July 2019

Small-forest owners at the heart of PEFC

20th anniversary

Small-forest owners are important. They are the reason we were created. But how do we ensure that they can access certification?

22 July 2019

World Architecture Festival and PEFC present shortlisted construction projects

Sustainable construction

We are delighted to announce the eleven finalists for the 2019 Best Use of Certified Timber Prize.

18 July 2019

Fun and games in the forest are in the spotlight of Slovakian photo contest

Forests in photos

Have a look at the winning images of PEFC Slovakia's photo contest!

17 July 2019

Japan forum champions power of certification

Event report

More than 150 PEFC members from across the Asia-Pacific region gathered at the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council/PEFC International Forest Certification Forum in Japan last month.

16 July 2019

PEFC’s story, the early years

20th anniversary

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, over the next few months we’re going to be taking a look at our history. Today it is our early years.

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