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24 September 2019

PEFC – global forests providing a sustainable future for twenty years

20th anniversary

Riikka Joukio, a family forest owner and member of the PEFC International Board, looks back at 20 years of forest certification, and into a sustainable future.

23 September 2019

Singapore set to expand chain of custody certification and responsible sourcing of forest products

Event report

As a big consumer of imported materials, Singapore is being encouraged to become a centre of influence, committed to responsible procurement from the Asian region’s forests.

18 September 2019

We give the word to smallholders – the people we cannot fail

20th anniversary

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we give the word to the smallholders, who founded PEFC and are vital partners for us. Swedish forest owner Sven Erik Hammar speaks about smallholders and PEFC.

16 September 2019

Malaysia’s winning photos show the future of the forests

Forests in photos

The Malaysian Timber Certification Council chose its winning photos - have a look at them!

12 September 2019

Vietnam: The benefits of sustainable sourcing


VFCS invited more than ninety participants from the forest sector to discuss the business benefits that the forthcoming Vietnamese forest certification system will offer.

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