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PEFC, committed to deforestation-free

At PEFC, we have a longstanding commitment to halting deforestation through the promotion of sustainable forest management and products that do not contribute to forest loss. We are committed to continuing this work and strongly support the objectives of the EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Products (EUDR). 

Our standards are already well positioned to meet many key elements of the EUDR, and we are working intensively to align them more closely with EUDR requirements. PEFC chain of custody certified companies and PEFC certified forest owners will soon be able to benefit from our practical solutions to enable them to successfully implement EUDR.

At PEFC, we take a holistic approach in how we manage our forests sustainably. PEFC certification takes into account numerous environmental, social and economic considerations, while at the same time addressing the EUDR's key focus - deforestation and legality of wood.

What is EUDR?

The EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Products (EUDR), which entered into force on 29 June 2023, aims to decrease the production and consumption of commodities and derived products linked to deforestation and forest degradation entering or leaving the EU market.

By imposing strict requirements on operators and traders, it builds on the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) for wood products. The EUDR requires companies to exercise due diligence for their products, which must be legally produced and deforestation-free – this means not produced on land that has been subject to deforestation or forest degradation after 31 December 2020. 

The EUDR covers a wide range of timber products, including sawn timber, wood-based materials, paper, and furniture, as well as rubber. The EUDR also applies to palm oil, soy, coffee, cacao, and beef.

Latest news

PEFC Webinar: on the path to EUDR alignment

Join us on 26 June to hear the latest developments at PEFC as we progress on our roadmap to EUDR alignment. Register now!

Our webinar will focus on the advances we have made in aligning our sustainable forest management and chain of custody standards with EUDR requirements, as well as looking at the vital data and integrity elements.

Our PEFC experts will give you a behind the scenes look at the progress of our working groups and task forces, working tirelessly to ensure we will have practical solutions in place to enable you to successfully implement EUDR.

Once we’ve heard from our experts, we’ll open the webinar up to the audience for questions and answers.

The PEFC Alliance has made strong progress on our EUDR rollout over the last few months, and we are looking forward to sharing the details with you, as we all move forward on this EUDR journey together.

Register for the webinar: 9:00 CEST | 15:00 CEST

Give your feedback on amendment proposals to the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management standard for EUDR alignment

Stakeholders globally are invited to give their feedback on the proposed amendments to the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management standard (ST 1003) to achieve alignment with the EUDR requirements. Deadline for comments is 13 July 2024.

Introduction to the PEFC EUDR DDS standard module

Watch our webinar recording to get an introduction to the PEFC EUDR DDS standard module currently under development.

PEFC supporting you in the EUDR

Forest certification is a valuable tool in preventing the flow of material coming from forests connected to deforestation and degradation, due to the assurances it provides through third-party verification. PEFC is well placed to ensure you will be able to meet the EUDR requirements.

Proven experience

  • PEFC is a proven and credible certification partner for 25 years with robust standards in place.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience and alignment with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and engage with the EU on other relevant legislation.
  • As the world's largest forest certification system with global reach and presence in the northern and southern hemispheres, we have experience on the ground and knowledge of forest specifics in 50 countries.

Holistic and inclusive

  • PEFC certification already addresses sustainability, legality and due diligence and considers deforestation and forest degradation through our Sustainable Forest Management and Chain of Custody standards.
  • PEFC was developed to serve smallholders and will continue to do so, by putting in place solutions that will enable smallholders’ inclusion in markets and supply chains, not leaving them behind.

Pragmatic and solution focused

  • Our documentation covers a range of issues that strengthened our stand on EUTR and already bring us closer towards the alignment with the EUDR.
  • We will strive for solutions that are implementable and practical, avoiding additional complexity and burden.
  • While voluntary certification does not bring direct compliance with the EUDR, by requiring companies to undergo a due diligence process, PEFC certification will help facilitate companies' compliance with the EUDR.

The PEFC EUDR roll out

PEFC has 25 years of experience in enabling dialogue on sustainable forest management. We meet the challenge of EUDR no differently: bringing different experts and stakeholders together, building consensus, and providing a solution to the market that gives flexibility and responds to the needs of our stakeholders.

We have put in place a cross-functional plan to cover the different aspects within EUDR. Aligned to our inclusive dialogue and bottom-up approach, PEFC members and external experts are participating in working groups and task forces to develop our PEFC EUDR solution for the market.

Through a fast-track process we will advance through three development streams, all of them interconnected, but each focused on the key topics within the EUDR:

  • The Sustainable Forest Management Working Group will be looking at solutions from the forest and forest owner perspectives.
  • The Chain of Custody Working Group will develop an EUDR aligned Due Diligence System that companies can implement.
  • The Data Task Force, coordinating with both the Chain of Custody and the Sustainable Forest Management WGs, will be looking at geolocation data, harvesting timing and other associated data.

PEFC's roadmap to EUDR alignment

Our roadmap will guide us and our members to an approved solution by the European summer of 2024.

A few critical steps in our roadmap include the public consultations of the EUDR related standards in February and March and piloting testing of these standards between March and April - ready for the approval of the standards in May/June 2024.

Behind the scenes, our Working Groups and Task Forces will be working on our development streams to ensure we have practical solutions in place to enable you to successfully implement EUDR. We also continue to engage with the EU Commission, as we have done since the start of the EUDR development process.

Get involved

As we follow our roadmap, there will be many opportunities for our stakeholders to get involved. The EUDR related standards will go to public consultation between February and March 2024 - this is your chance to give your feedback and ensure these standards meet your needs.

In March and April, we'll be pilot testing the standards. Companies that are already purchasing material for 2024 will be invited to start implementing the requirements and provide us with feedback, so we can further improve our requirements.

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Our technical partners

Our technical partners

Live Eo offers earth observation technologies and solutions for asset monitoring, providing insights for businesses for increased safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Osapiens provides Software-as-a-Service solutions to enable global companies establish corporate sustainability, fulfil legal ESG requirements, and automate manual processes.

Deeplai developed the DeepTech solution Timber ID to meet and solve EUDR objectives, providing proof of timber provenance in the chain of custody.

Forest tech company Timbeter offers a digital timber measurement solution that uses machine learning technology and artificial intelligence for accurate log detection and supply chain management.

Ekwato is an efficient digital solution to meet companies' internal, normative or regulatory requirements when purchasing wood products, providing a tool to manage complex documentation and risk analysis process for each product.

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