Promote your sustainable material

Thanks to the PEFC label, you can inform your customers of your responsible choice to buy and sell PEFC-certified material.

Promote your sustainable material

If you are sourcing PEFC-certified products, you need to tell your customers about it! You can do this through the PEFC label. As a brand owner or retailer, there are several options for how you can use the PEFC label, both on and off products.

The PEFC on-product label

The PEFC on-product label is only available for PEFC-certified products. It provides consumers with assurance that the forest-based materials within a product come from a sustainably managed forest.

You can use this label directly on a product, as well as on the packaging of products that are PEFC-certified. You can also use it on documentation associated with, or referring to, a particular PEFC-certified product, such as adverts and brochures. In addition, you can replace the text 'This product is' with the name of the product that is certified, for example: 'This table is...'

Your design team should work with your suppliers to ensure they place the PEFC on-product label on your certified products, to indicate their sustainable origin. Your certified supplier will provide you with the PEFC label with their unique licence number.

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The PEFC promotional label

You can use the PEFC promotional label to enhance your communication about your responsible sourcing, including on your website, annual and CSR reports, marketing materials, catalogues and brochures and in-store materials. It's important to note, that this label cannot be used to claim that products are certified.

This label includes the standard text ‘Promoting sustainable forest management’. However, you can use the claims listed below as alternatives (modify text in italics with appropriate term):

[Name of company] buys PEFC-certified products”

[Name of company] procures PEFC-certified products”

[Name of company] offers PEFC-certified products”

Get in touch

To find out more, please contact the national PEFC member for your country. If you’re country isn’t on the list, please contact PEFC International at

Become certified

To simplify the labelling process, your company can become PEFC Chain of Custody certified itself. By doing so, you can use the PEFC label with your own logo license number and would not need your suppliers to provide you with theirs. You would be able to download your labels directly from the PEFC Label Generator

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What is the number?

All PEFC labels have a logo license number: a unique set of numbers that identifies the producer of the final product. For example, a brochure will carry a label with the logo license number of the printer. 

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