Use the PEFC label

The PEFC label is a globally trusted trademark helping you and your customers to identify and promote materials from sustainably managed forests.

Use the PEFC label

Are you selling PEFC-certified products? Then you need to tell your customers about it! You can do this through the PEFC label. As a PEFC chain of custody certified company, you have the right to use the PEFC label on both your PEFC-certified products and your promotional materials, such as brochures and websites. 

So what's in a label? Most importantly, the PEFC label communicates trust. It enables you to communicate your responsible practices visibly to your customers. This is becoming ever more important as consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of their buying decisions.

The PEFC label also enables you to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, as well as highlighting your engagement with sustainable forest management. Furthermore, by generating awareness and demand for products from PEFC-certified forests, you are helping to increase the value of forests and therefore reduce the risk of deforestation.

PEFC labels are created quickly and easily through the online PEFC Label Generator. By using the Label Generator, you can customize the label to suit yours needs, while being assured that the label remains in line with our requirements.

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The labels

The PEFC on-product label

The PEFC on-product label is only available for PEFC-certified products. It provides consumers with assurance that the forest-based materials within your product come from a sustainably managed forest.

You can use this label directly on a product, as well as on the packaging of products that are PEFC-certified. You can also use it on documentation associated with, or referring to, a particular PEFC-certified product, such as adverts and brochures. 

We offer two on-product labels: the PEFC certified label and the PEFC recycled label.

PEFC certified label

You can use this label on-product when at least 70% of the forest-based material is PEFC-certified or recycled. Any remaining material must be from PEFC controlled sources. 

If the product does not include recycled material, you can remove the word 'recycled' from the label claim.

You can also replace the text 'This product is' with the name of the product that is certified, for example: 'This table is...'

PEFC recycled label

If your product has a high content of recycled forest-based material, you can use our recycled label.

To use the label, at least 70% of the material must be from recycled sources. Any remaining material must be PEFC certified or from PEFC controlled sources.

You can also replace the text 'This product is' with the name of the product that is certified, for example: 'This paper is...'

The PEFC promotional label

You can use the PEFC promotional label to enhance your communication about your responsible practices, including on your website, annual and CSR reports, marketing materials, catalogues and brochures and in-store materials. It's important to note, that this label cannot be used to claim that products are certified.

This label includes the standard text ‘Promoting sustainable forest management’. However, you can use the claims listed below as alternatives (modify text in italics with appropriate term):

[Name of company] has a certified Chain of Custody”

[Name of company] offers PEFC-certified products”

How to get the label?

Companies and forest owners with a valid PEFC Logo Usage License can use the PEFC Label Generator to create the PEFC label. Companies that have not yet received login details for the Label Generator should contact their national PEFC organization or PEFC International for more information. Certified companies that are interested in using the PEFC label but have not yet obtained a license are encouraged to contact their national PEFC organization or PEFC International.

The legal part...

The PEFC logo and the initials "PEFC" are the exclusive property of PEFC and are internationally registered trademarks. Therefore, any use that:

  • implies that PEFC participates in, supports, or is responsible for an activity by a certified entity outside the scope of its certification, or
  • could result in erroneous interpretation or understanding of the entity's operations with respect to its PEFC certifications, or diminished credibility of PEFC

is not permitted, and PEFC reserves the right to terminate the Logo Use Contract in such cases.


As the trademarks are a visual cue that consumers are increasingly looking for, it is vital to correct misuse of the PEFC trademarks, even if it is unintentional. We encourage anyone to report improper uses to allow us to investigate the matter.

For further information about PEFC trademarks and to report suspected trademark or label misuse, please contact us at

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