Source PEFC-certified products

A few simple steps to get the globally recognized PEFC label on your products.

Source PEFC-certified products

PEFC-certified material is available globally. In fact, many of the forest-based products you are procuring may already feature PEFC certification and only a few simple steps will be needed for the final product to carry the PEFC label.

Procurement policy

First, develop and implement a procurement policy to include your preference for PEFC-certified materials. PEFC certification is available for a huge range of forest-based products, from stationary to furniture, packaging and even food and clothing. 

Setting out your requirement for PEFC within your procurement policy will provide you with a clear pathway to increase your share of certified sustainable material, helping you to achieve your responsible sourcing goals.

See below our procurement guidance, designed to help increase your supply of wood-based products from sustainably-managed forests and help meet or set sustainability targets:

Wood & wood fibre procurement policy guidance 190.50 KB

Check your suppliers

With over 20,000 PEFC Chain of Custody certified companies around the world, many of your suppliers may already hold PEFC certification. Contact them and ask them if they have a certificate, or search for them on our database. 

If your suppliers already hold a PEFC certificate, request they supply you with PEFC-certified material, and where possible, add the PEFC label to the product – for example on packaging. 

If your suppliers do not hold a PEFC certificate, encourage them to obtain PEFC Chain of Custody certification and supply you with PEFC-certified material. If needed, you can find a range of benefits of PEFC certification within the Supply Chain Company section of our website.

Search for suppliers

If your current suppliers are unable to achieve PEFC certification, or you are looking for new suppliers, you can search for PEFC-certified companies on our online database

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