Case stories

Case stories

22 June 2023

HAUT Amsterdam: PEFC-certified timber stars in the Netherlands’ tallest hybrid wooden building


With a height of 73 metres, HAUT is the tallest wooden residential building in the Netherlands, and one of the tallest timber-hybrid buildings in the world. Over 2,800 m3 of PEFC-certified timber was used for construction, storing 1,800 tonnes of CO2.

20 April 2023

Gulou Bridge Waterfront: Timber Bridge connects the local cultural heritage with rural development


Hundreds of PEFC-certified wooden elements are bolted together to form the bridge, paying tribute to the traditional construction techniques employed in the rural villages of southern China.

6 April 2023

ABBA Arena: unique attraction with a new approach to timber design


London’s ABBA Arena is a unique state-of-the-art building with an innovative approach to timber design. The structure of steel and PEFC-certified cross laminated timber (CLT) is fully demountable, demonstrating a sustainable, circular mindset with a view to both the building’s future reuse and carbon capture.

31 March 2023

A renewable, recyclable package that resonates with eco-conscious consumers


Companies around the world are choosing fibre-based packaging from sustainably managed forests as alternatives to their traditional, often fossil-based materials. One of them is PEFC-certified paper and packaging manufacturer WestRock.

29 March 2023

EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin: an office building of the future


Berlin is home to one of the largest modular timber-hybrid constructions in Europe. The seven-storey office complex EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin sets new standards in sustainable construction.

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