The forest is a natural beauty

This month, Tan Ee Long, a runner up in our 2018 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest, shares the story behind his photo ‘Enchanting Forest’.

The forest is a natural beauty

25 July 2019 Forests in photos

This July, we hear from Tan Ee Long, a runner up in our 2018 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest. 

He tells us more about his photo ‘Enchanting Forest’ and why being in a forest has a calming and therapeutic effect on him.

How do you feel about forests, both professionally and personally?

I love the tranquillity I feel each time I step into the forest. The forest has a calming and therapeutic effect on me. I enjoy listening to its music – the chirping of the birds, the trickling of water from the leaves, the sound of flowing streams, and not to forget the sounds made by other animals and insects that I would not be able to identify. 

I love taking pictures of nature. To me, nature showcases God’s wonderful creation in its utmost beauty and glory.

How did the forest inspire you to take your winning photo?

The forest is a natural beauty. I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time to capture this stunning scene. Nothing matches the beauty of a majestic, undulating forest, further enhanced by the mysterious moving dark clouds as the backdrop. I am so glad that my effort is also appreciated by PEFC.

What do you think about the work that an organization such as PEFC/MTCC does to care for forests?

I am very happy that my photo was chosen by MTCC – an organisation established to ensure the implementation of sustainable forest management in Malaysia. Managing forests sustainably for future generations is not an easy task, as it involves balancing the societal needs for social and economic development and forest protection and conservation. 

I really admire PEFC/MTCC’s efforts in managing and caring for our precious forests, safeguarding biodiversity, supporting people involved in the field of forestry and the indigenous people living in and around forests. Thank you PEFC and MTCC.

About the contest

In 2018, we held our ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest for the second time. Taking place in 16 countries, over 12,000 photos entered into the 2018 contest. From the thousands of photos we received, we chose our top 12 images – all of which can be seen here.

2019 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest

Our 2019 photo contest has come to an end, and again thousands of photographers and forest lovers from around the world have entered their stunning photos. 

The juries of our national members have selected their winners, and we will present them throughout the next weeks.

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