One of my favourite subjects is the forest

Sonia Fantini, a runner-up in our 2022 PEFC Photo Contest, shares how her magical photo 'Fresh Snow' came about.

One of my favourite subjects is the forest

6 January 2023 Forests in photos

In 2022, our ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest called on photographers and forest lovers from around the world to show us what forests mean to them. The contest took place in 13 countries, and we received 7500 fantastic forest photos.

Though it was not easy, we managed to choose our top 12 images. For every month of 2023, we will be showcasing one of these photos, and hearing from the photographer that took it.

We start the series with the photo ‘Fresh Snow’, taken by Sonia Fantini in Travisio Val Bartolo in Northern Italy. Sonia was the winner of our 2019 Photo Contest, and has been in our top 12 several times. In the interview, she told us how her magical photo 'Fresh Snow' came about.

How does the forest continue to inspire you to take such beautiful photos?

I am a nature photographer so one of my favourite subjects is the forest. I look for images that can move the viewer, I play with the light, which especially in the early morning hours provides an enchanting scenery.

Have the forests you take your photos in changed over the years?

Some of the forests I have photographed have changed a lot in recent years because a few years ago Storm Vaia hit my region causing a lot of damage. Fortunately, in the undergrowth, nature is slowly reborn.

Have you discovered anything about PEFC and/or certification over these past years that you didn’t know before?

By participating in this contest, I was able to learn more about how PEFC works, and I find it to be an extraordinary work for sustainability and maintenance of the forest heritage.

We presented the top 12 photos and announced the winner on Facebook Live. Learn more about the photos from a photography point of view in the video.


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