PEFC organized chain of custody training

We organize various chain of custody trainings throughout the year. These trainings are carried out by recognized PEFC International Technical Experts.

PEFC organized chain of custody training

Auditors, reviewers and certification decision makers can qualify to carry out PEFC chain of custody certification by attending a training organized by PEFC.

Our training sessions, both initial and refresher, are conducted regularly throughout the year, online and in-person (when the situation allows). These sessions can be organized by PEFC International or a PEFC national member, ensuring they are held in a variety of languages and time zones.

By choosing to train your auditors through PEFC organized training, you have the freedom to pick the sessions in the language and time that suits you, while being assured that all the training is of the same high-quality. With all the sessions in one place, it’s easy to find, select and register the training that is right for your auditors. 

The training

Our training is based on interactivity, practical examples, open question and answer sessions, and dedicated group work. This method enables auditors to benefit from the knowledge provided by our technical specialists, as well as from experience exchange between each other.

Additionally, in order to better adapt the training to the participants’ needs, participants are required to take case studies, prior to the training. Trainers will revise the case studies and adapt the training content based on the needs of participants. 

Participants also have the opportunity to evaluate and give feedback on the session, anonymously, following the training. This helps us to continually improve the training, and provide a more robust service to certification bodies.

Following a training, there is a mandatory online knowledge test. Participants will receive a link to the test in the weeks following the training, and need to achieve a minimum of 80% to pass. Once they have passed the knowledge test, the participant will receive a digital certificate as proof of their participation in a PEFC chain of custody training.

PEFC International Technical Experts

All training organized by PEFC is carried out by recognized PEFC International Technical Experts. These experts are all part of the PEFC International Chain of Custody Pool of Experts programme. This ensures they have all been trained to ensure they carry out high-quality, harmonized chain of custody training, coordinated at the international level. 

Training fees

Training fees vary depending on a number of variables, including type of training, organizer and location. The fees are payable per participant, and must be paid before the training. All training announcements will always clearly identify the fee.

Upcoming training sessions

You can find the upcoming trainings on the right and the complete list of trainings on our website. If you need more information, or if you are unsure whether a training course is PEFC-recognized, you can contact us at

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Need to train multiple auditors?

Certification bodies that need to train several auditors, reviewers and certification decision maker may want to take part in our Training Recognition Programme (TRP).

The TRP enables you to get PEFC recognition of your internal PEFC chain of custody training programme. This allows you to provide your personnel with PEFC approved training at a time that suits you.

Find out more about the Training Recognition Programme.

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