PEFC recognition of certification body internal training

Get PEFC recognition of your internal training programme through the PEFC Training Recognition Programme.

PEFC recognition of certification body internal training

Through our PEFC Training Recognition Programme (TRP), certification bodies can get formal recognition of their internal PEFC chain of custody training programme and carry out internal trainings in compliance with PEFC's requirements. 

Once your internal training programme is approved, you will be able to train your auditors, reviewers and certification decision makers to carry out audits against the 2020 PEFC Chain of Custody standard.

Benefits of the TRP

If you are looking for an efficient way to ensure that all your auditors attend a PEFC recognized training, the TRP is the solution.

The main advantage of participation in the TRP is that you do not need to plan how and when every individual participant can attend a training organized by PEFC. Instead, you can decide when to train them.

Every participant you train as part of your PEFC recognized training programme will be issued a training certificate by PEFC International. This means you can keep track of your trained auditors, reviewers or certification decision makers, easing the process of showing compliance with the chain of custody requirements during your accreditation processes. 

In addition, participation in the TRP gives you access to PEFC training materials and case studies, while the TRP participants receive direct support from PEFC International. The sessions also provide you with dedicated updates on the work of the PEFC Chain of Custody Working Group, as well as detailed explanations on interpretations and clarification that seek to help your certification processes. 

The phases to PEFC recognition

Before starting, you need to identify your certification body representatives and potential certification body trainers. The certification body representative will be the main contact point for programme recognition and coordination with PEFC International. Both can attend:

  • Informative sessions
  • Technical update sessions
  • Continuous communication and follow up

The TRP is a continuous training programme. To ensure your internal training programme maintains its recognition, you need to continue to fulfil the following phases.

The first step is the attendance of your certification body representative at an Initial Session. The initial session provides information on the TRP participation requirements, and gives the representative a technical calibration on the most recent interpretations of the PEFC chain of custody related standards.

Following the initial session, you will need to develop the content and process description of your internal training programme. The initial session will provide you with the information needed for you to start preparing your programme. Once ready, you will need to send your application to PEFC International.

Your internal training will be assessed against the PEFC International training framework (currently under development). Once we have positively verified the process description and training content, we award the PEFC recognition.

During phase IV, recognition of the internal trainings, there are several steps to be coordinated, such as the preparation of the training report and the payment of the fees. In addition, after each training session, participants need to pass the knowledge test on our online training platform to obtain a recognized certificate.

In order to maintain participation in the TRP, you will need to ensure you carry out your internal trainings in accordance with the TRP requirements, as well as maintain continuous communication and coordination with PEFC. As part of the training recognition, a technical expert from PEFC International may also accompany you in some of your trainings.

Training Recognition Programme Guidelines (Draft) 1.21 MB

TRP fees

The TRP fees are based on the number of your auditors, certification decision makers and reviewers your train as part of your PEFC recognized internal training programme. There is no initial fee for participation in the TRP, you only pay once you start to train your personnel.

The fee per auditor, certification decision maker and reviewer is as follows:

  • 250 CHF per participant for initial training
  • 200 CHF per participant for refresher training

If you are training 50 or more participants, a 75% discount per participant will be applied.

The TRP fees cover:

  1. Participation in the initial session 
  2. Assessment of your internal training programme 
  3. Participation in TRP sessions that provide technical updates and relevant information for the implementation of the standards 
  4. Access to the knowledge test for auditors, reviewers and certification decision makers 
  5. Access to PEFC training materials 
  6. Issuance of PEFC recognised certificates for auditors, reviewers and certification decision makers 
  7. Registration of the trained auditors, reviewers and certification decision makers on the PEFC register 
  8. Access to a dedicated workspace on Podio (PEFC’s intranet) 

How to participate

If your certification body would like to participate in the TRP and start to provide internal PEFC training to auditors, you can contact us at

If your internal PEFC chain of custody training programme was previously recognized by PEFC through the TRP, you will need to get it recognized again before offering certification for the 2020 standards.

For more information, please see the draft TRP guidelines.

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