Why get PEFC certification for your forest?

Proof of sustainability, national relevancy and available to all forest owners, PEFC forest certification brings many benefits.

Why get PEFC certification for your forest?

Forest management is a long-term process, with the results of good practice often only apparent after decades. PEFC sustainable forest management certification gives you independent recognition of your responsible management practices now, providing you with many benefits.

No matter the size of your forest, PEFC certification provides you with access to the global marketplace for certified products.

Proof of sustainability

Consumers, businesses and governments are becoming more concerned with their environmental footprint. This means the markets for certified forest-based materials, from paper to timber, are growing.

By achieving certification, you can sell your timber as PEFC-certified, meeting the numerous public and private procurement policies around the world demanding proof of sustainability. With more than half of all imported wood in markets such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands PEFC-certified, our certification provides a real market advantage for owners and managers of PEFC-certified forests.

You certify your forest to a national standard, but you can sell your timber as PEFC-certified worldwide.

Nationally relevant

At PEFC, we believe that sustainable forest management is specific to every country. The forests are different, as are the management structures, legislation, traditions and average property sizes, to name just a few factors. This is why we work through national forest management standards.

As a forest owner, you will need to meet the requirements of a national forest management standard in order to achieve PEFC certification. This is a standard that has been developed in your country, by local stakeholders (including forest owner associations), taking your specific needs and situation into account.

However, your national forest management standard will have gone through an assessment process to ensure it meets our international PEFC benchmark standards. This means while the national standard is adapted to your needs, it also meets international expectations. 

Size does not matter

Not all forests and forest owners are alike, but PEFC certification caters for them all. For large and medium companies, such as those owning or managing larger areas of forestland, with a sufficient budget and workforce, individual certification is the perfect option for you to demonstrate your sustainable forest management practices.

For small-forest owners, we have our group certification approach. This alternative approach enables the certification of multiple forest owners as a group, so you can organize yourselves, pool your resources and work as a team to achieve certification. Designed specifically for small-, family and community owned forests; it ensures PEFC certification is affordable and practical.

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