Our Projects

We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

Sustainable charcoal traceability for enhanced forest protection and community livelihoods


Cambodia relies on wood fuels to meet its energy demand, but has the highest rate of deforestation in Southeast Asia. This project looks to ensure the traceability of sustainable charcoal through the development of chain of custody certification.

Exploring certification solutions for Trees outside Forests


Trees outside Forests were traditionally outside the scope of PEFC ‘forest’ certification, but with our latest Sustainable Forest Management benchmark standard, this has changed.

Deploying landscape management plans in the Red Hills of Florida


Family forest owners in the Southern US produce 60% of the region's wood fibre, but their rate of certification remains low. This project will make certification more accessible through an innovative landscape management plan.

Using remote sensing to increase access to sustainable forest management information


With remote sensing an increasingly important tool within the forestry sector, we are supported the development of a web-based platform to monitor the sustainable management of forests in Finland using open-source satellite imagery.

Exploring pathways to deliver sustainable woody biomass


Woody biomass from North America is an increasingly important renewable energy in Europe, but it must be produced sustainably. This project looked to improve the communication and coordination between the relevant stakeholders in Europe and the USA.

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