Our Projects

We use our projects and partnerships to support the growth of forest certification around the world.

Our projects

Using technology to make certification more accessible to smallholders


Group certification requires internal auditing to work flawlessly. This project will develop an online platform using satellite data to improve the monitoring of group certification.

Fostering tree monitoring technologies to support climate adaptation and mitigation


Improved monitoring of tree health and growth promises many benefits for sustainable forest management and forest certification. This project is exploring the potential of a small-scale monitoring network in central Italy.

Supporting businesses to benefit fully from PEFC certification


For the thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises without a dedicated marketing department, it can be difficult to promote PEFC certification effectively. This project is developing an online platform to provide the tools and information they need.

The future of forest work and communities


Around the world, young people are leaving rural areas in large numbers. This project will generate novel strategies to support the next generation of local forest workers, aiming at reducing the migration of young people.

C40-F40: Forty Cities, Forty Forests


With their high concentrations of people, influence and consumption, megacities have an enormous impact on climate change. By linking cities with forests, C40-F40 will empower cities to protect the globe’s most important carbon stores.

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