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Our campaigns

Forests are Home

Market outreach

Look around your house or apartment. How much of what you see is made from wood? From the chair you sit in, to the bed you sleep on, to the antique wardrobe passed down from your grandmother – all of this furniture started its life as a tree in a forest.

Responsible Packaging - a new, forest centric way to look at sustainable packaging

Market outreach

Renewable, Responsibly Sourced, Recycled. Each has a role to play in ensuring that paper-based packaging never comes at the expense of forests.

1 January 2023

Designing the future with sustainable timber

Market outreach

Under the theme Designing the Future with Sustainable Timber, we are bringing together a range of stakeholders to promote the use of wood in construction in general and certified wood in particular.

8 June 2021

Supporting Sustainable Rubber

Market outreach

PEFC is mounting a drive for greater commitment to sustainability in the production and supply chain of rubber. Our Supporting Sustainable Rubber campaign aims to strengthen PEFC’s presence in the Natural Rubber and Rubber Wood industries.

4 February 2021

PEFC FOR-TRADE: driving forestry and trade for development in the ASEAN region

Regional development

The PEFC FOR-TRADE initiative works to enhance the development and rollout of national forest certification systems in the ASEAN region.

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