Our campaigns

Our campaigns

South America Promotions Initiative

Regional development

While the national PEFC systems in South America were well established, there remained a need to strengthen market demand for PEFC in the region. This regional initiative brought together our members to enhance coordination and plan new marketing activities.

Asia Promotions Initiative

Regional development

As an important hub for global production and trade, the Asia region has a strong influence on the environmental sustainability of international forest products, making it vital to build supply chain capacity and increase the availability of certified timber across this region.

Promoting the sustainable management of Mediterranean forests

Regional development

While the region’s forests are vital, they also face many challenges, among them the effects of a changing climate, unsustainable exploitation and growing populations. This campaign aims to develop and promote sustainable management of Mediterranean forests.

Smallholder Group Certification Programme


This programme promotes smallholder certification in areas where it is less widespread, but where the sustainable management of forests has taken on increasing urgency in light of efforts to combat climate change and alleviate poverty. 

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