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Stakeholder engagement is crucial to the success of any certification system. It is only through participation of all interested parties that a system can ensure that

  • all information and knowledge are applied,
  • experiences and best practices are integrated, and
  • stakeholder expectations are met.

stakeholder-engagementStakeholder engagement comes naturally to PEFC. It is an important feature of all of its processes including the

Much of PEFC's work concerning the development or revision of international standards is carried out in Working Groups comprised of representatives from a wide range of stakeholder groups. This ensures that all interested stakeholders are able to engage directly in the standards development process, and are not limited to consultative roles. Working Group decisions are made by consensus.

All international standards drafted by PEFC require formal approval by all members. This is achieved through the General Assembly, PEFC’s highest decision-making body.

Thanks to this system, we believe that PEFC provides broader opportunities for stakeholder input in the standards development process at international level than any other forest certification system.

PEFC is unique in requiring – and implementing – revisions of all national standards every five years, thereby fostering ongoing dialogue among stakeholders.

PEFC Documentation

GD1003-2009PEFC GD 1003:2009 - PEFC Council Technical Documents Development Procedures - Requirements
Covers procedures for the development of technical documents  to ensure objectivity, efficiency, and transparency  amongst participating stakeholders.

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Forests area: 309 million ha
Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): > 20,000

(as of December 2018)

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