Public consultations

Give your comments and provide feedback on any aspect of national forest certification systems under assessment.

Public consultations

Global public consultations are an integral part of the assessment process of national forest certification systems. Over the sixty day consultation, stakeholders from around the world can give their comments and provide feedback on any aspect of the system. 

We also hold global public consultations as part of the development process of our international standards - see if there are any technical public consultations running.

In order to provide you with additional information, we also organize a webinar during the consultation period of every national system. The webinar introduces the system and highlights the main aspects (or introduced changes in the case of revised systems).

The following systems are currently under assessment for PEFC endorsement, and you can provide feedback on any system with an ongoing consultation.

Vietnam Forest Certification Scheme
Consultation now closed (25 September - 25 November 2019)
Download the documentation
Listen to the recording of the webinar
Assessor: ITS Global
Working Group on Forest Certification Ghana
Consultation now closed (15 June - 14 August 2018)
Download the documentation
Assessor to be announced

Recent endorsements

The following national forest certification systems have recently achieved PEFC endorsement:

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