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PEFC Registered Assessors

The evaluation of a national forest certification system against the PEFC requirements is carried out by a PEFC Registered Assessor. The PEFC Registered Assessors are independent consultants with suitable qualifications and experience in the field of sustainable forest management.

Their assessments form an important professional and objective basis for the PEFC Council to decide whether to approve and endorse national forest certification systems.

Registered Assessor training

Each year, we hold meetings with the PEFC Registered Assessors to provide them with updates on the assessment process and to gather feedback on opportunities for further improvements, based on the experiences gathered over the previous years.

register assessors training 2015Previous meetings have enabled the assessors and PEFC International to walk through the assessment process together, identifying areas to improve the quality and transparency of the reporting and in the assessment process itself.

In addition to this yearly training, the assessors' performance is regularly reviewed.

The current Registered Assessors:

We are not registering any new assessors at this time.

Form international

Bevrijdingsweg 3
The Netherlands

Rik Sools
+31 (0)3 844 48990

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GreenWoodGlobal Consulting, Ltd

1107 P Street, NW
DC 20005

Robert S. Simpson
+202 340 1543

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Indufor Oy

Esterinportti 2

Anni Blåsten

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ITS Global

Level 1
34 Queen St
Melbourne VIC
Australia 3000

Khalil Hegarty
+61 3 9620 3400

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160B rue de Kirchberg
L 1858

Jaroslav Tymrak
+352 661 214 034

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