Artte Telai: PEFC-certified table tennis rackets made in Italy

The Italian artisan workshop Artigian Mobili created world's first PEFC-certified table tennis frame, made of resonating wood.

Artte Telai: PEFC-certified table tennis rackets made in Italy

5 September 2018 Leisure

What do a Stradivarius violin and a PEFC-certified table-tennis racket have in common? Both are made of resonating wood, which gives the player an incomparable feeling.

The story of the racket begins in the PEFC-certified forest of Paneveggio in Trentino, Italy. Famous for wood with resonance, the forest provides the perfect raw material for the world's first PEFC-certified table tennis frame. Called ‘Italy’, the frame is part of the line Artte Telai, created by the Italian workshop Artigian Mobili.

Thanks to several plies and the use of different wood species, Artte Telai offers various models - each created for different playing styles and allowing for different degrees of speed, control and spin. Each ply is made of a single piece of wood, without any joints, ensuring the ideal mechanical behavior and vibration transmission.

Combining sustainability with excellent sport performance, the rackets are used by many professional athletes, who appreciate the well-balanced frame, giving them control and allowing for a fast response.

Artigian Mobili 

Artigian Mobili is an artisan workshop based in Perugia, Italy. Having worked with wood for more than 50 years, the family business brings together tradition and innovation.

Artigian Mobili has produced a range of timber products, including furniture, musical instruments and sound systems, before creating Artte Telai.

Conscientious about corporate social responsibility, the certified company uses exclusively wood from sustainable forests, combining love for wood, craftsmanship and respect for nature.

Photo credits: Artigian Mobili

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