We welcome three new PEFC members to the alliance

The first Virtual PEFC General Assembly welcomes three new members: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, and UPM.

We welcome three new PEFC members to the alliance

11 November 2020 PEFC system news

The 25th PEFC General Assembly, the first one to ever be held virtually, has welcomed three new members. The General Assembly, our highest decision making body, voted Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and UPM Kymmene Corporation into the alliance.

UPM, our newest international stakeholder member

“We look forward to joining PEFC to further strengthen our role in promoting sustainable forest management globally,” said Inka Musta, Senior Manager, Global Forest Affairs at UPM, our new international stakeholder member.

“UPM owns more than 770,000 hectares of PEFC-certified forests and has been involved in the development of PEFC for more than 20 years. Becoming an international member is a natural continuation of this work.”

“UPM is committed to the sustainable use of forests and responsibility is one of the company’s strategic priorities. Since there are almost 320 million hectares of PEFC certified forests globally, PEFC is a very effective tool for promoting sustainable forest management.”

UPM-Kymmene is a global forestry industry company creating renewable and responsible solutions across six business areas.

Welcoming two new national members

The Association of Private Forest Owners “Naša Šuma” and the Association for Sustainable Forest Management, Forest Products and Services Certification (SOYDER) are the new national members for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey, respectively. They are our 54th and 55th national members!

Our goal is not modest, but it is not unattainable. Aleksandar Mrkobrada

"I would like to express my gratitude towards all members of the PEFC General Assembly who entrusted Naša Šuma as the national member for the Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Aleksandar Mrkobrada, Association Secretary General of the Association of Private Forest Owners “Naša Šuma”.

“Our goal is not modest, but it is not unattainable. Our goal is that in the near future all forests in the Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina have a PEFC certificate, and all products sourced from the forests will carry the PEFC label.”

“Becoming a member of PEFC means joining the world's leading forest certification system, that is committed to unlocking and building on the full contribution of forests for a sustainable world,” said Goksel Korkmaz, Vice President of SOYDER.

“It will give our forest certification international credibility and create new business opportunities in international markets.”

“Our next steps will be to start developing national standards and working on the necessary procedures, together with our stakeholders.”


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Conflict Timber

See PEFC's guidance following the announcement that all timber originating from Russia and Belarus is ‘conflict timber’.

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