PEFC launches the new PEFC Alliance 2030 Strategy

Developed collectively by the entire PEFC Alliance, the Strategy outlines how we aim to move forward to shape the organization.

PEFC launches the new PEFC Alliance 2030 Strategy

24 May 2023 Organization news

The PEFC Alliance, at its 28th General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, voted to approve the new 2030 Strategy. Developed collectively by the entire PEFC Alliance, the Strategy outlines how we aim to move forward to shape the organization and continue to address the evolving expectations that stakeholders place on certification and its ability to demonstrate its impact.

Discover our new Strategy, available in both a one-page overview and a full length document:

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With 4.06 billion hectares, forests cover 31% of land area and play a vital role in the equilibrium of our planet. Growing population and consumption, increasing demand for timber, climate change, biodiversity loss at large scale, conversion to other land uses, rural poverty, inequality and inconsistent tenure, the pressure on forests is intense, urgent, and complex.

The attention on forests has been growing in the last decade, bringing constructive debates in public and private organisations as well as some clarity to their role. It is widely recognised that sustainably managed forests are solutions to climate change mitigation, nature loss reduction and thriving communities, yet only 13% of global forests are certified.

Committed to safeguarding forests since 1999, the PEFC Alliance has grown from strength to strength. Being a dialogue platform enables us to listen, challenge and be challenged by a broad range of stakeholders, civil society and by ourselves. As sustainability leadership is becoming mainstream, PEFC’s robust, tested, and evolving framework, will remain a steady force in forestry and bring more people together.

Our new 2030 strategy will set the collective pace for the PEFC Alliance. Developed with momentum through a series of reviews, discussions, and projections with our members and stakeholders, it is built on a strong framework of four strategic pathways and fourteen key performance indicators. More externally orientated and impact focused, we remain dedicated to contributing to healthy forests as well as vibrant forest communities whose livelihoods depend on sustainably managed forests.

“The development of the new PEFC Alliance 2030 Strategy, aligned with the SDGs, demonstrates how the PEFC members, Board, and secretariat came together to build an ambitious strategy. The implementation and monitoring journey begins now, which we will undertake with purpose and agility,” said Michael Berger, CEO and Secretary General of PEFC International.

“We are grateful to our members and stakeholders, who have helped bring the PEFC Alliance to where it is today, and we look forward to delivering together on this new strategy through this dynamic and critical time.”


Discover how we're working to align with the EUDR and bring our PEFC EUDR solution to the market.

Conflict Timber

See PEFC's guidance following the announcement that all timber originating from Russia and Belarus is ‘conflict timber’.

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