PEFC and AB Group Packaging Push Sustainability on European Paper Bag Day and COP25

Today is European Paper Bag Day. A good occasion to present the world's first PEFC-certified fully recyclable, biodegradable, sustainable Paper Bag.

PEFC and AB Group Packaging Push Sustainability on European Paper Bag Day and COP25

18 October 2019 News

To mark European Paper Bag Day, PEFC and AB Group Packaging present the world's first PEFC-certified fully recyclable, biodegradable, 100% sustainable Reusable Paper Bag.

European Paper Bag Day (18 October) aims to raise consumer awareness about paper carrier bags.

Sustainable, forest-based packaging such as paper bags reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions and make a significant contribution to a more sustainable, circular economy. Carbon stored in wood fibres remains in the paper bags, and is not released during their life cycle.

Paper bags are therefore sustainable and efficient packaging that contribute to fighting climate change and environmental pollution.

Time for Action at COP 25

As the worldwide discussion on climate change grows in urgency, this year’s COP25 event (Santiago, Chile from 2-13 December) will seek to encourage action and transformation towards a sustainable society.

The conference theme – Time for Action – focuses on a number of initiatives, three of which directly relate to PEFC’s work: Forests, biodiversity and the circular economy.

”We are delighted that our colleagues in Chile will be able to supply visitors to their stand at this internationally-important conference with a paper bag which has been sustainably-produced, is strong enough to be reused and at the end of life, can be readily recycled,” said Fabienne Sinclair, Head of Marketing at PEFC International.

AB Group Packaging has been manufacturing low carbon, sustainable paper bags for over 30 years and is a strong advocate of PEFC’s work and a regular supporter of our events. With a long record of environmental credentials AB Group Packaging manufactures sustainable recycled and full-circle products.

Tested to carry the heaviest items up to 26 kg, this water and tear resistant super-sturdy bag is fast becoming the most consumer appealing bag of choice to replace thick plastic bags. AB Group Packaging CEO, Dermot Brady added: “We were delighted to make a donation of sustainable paper bags to assist PEFC to promote responsible forest management around the globe. Our alliance with PEFC plays a vital role in ensuring that the world’s forestry resources continue to fulfil their critical part in mitigating climate change.”


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Conflict Timber

See PEFC's guidance following the announcement that all timber originating from Russia and Belarus is ‘conflict timber’.

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