Humans of the Forests – Anna’s story

Our first video takes us to Asiago, Italy, where we hear the story of Anna Sella, the manager of a PEFC-certified forest.

Humans of the Forests – Anna’s story

4 June 2019 Forests in photos

How do forests affect people around the world? How do they calm, excite and inspire them? And what does sustainable management have to do with that? 

In the video series Humans of the Forests (HoF), we hear the fascinating stories of people around the globe who are in touch with forests in their daily lives.

Our first video takes us to Asiago, Italy, where we meet Anna Sella, the manager of a PEFC-certified forest.

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Humans of the Forests: Anna's story

Life in the forest

Anna has known the forest from an early age. As a child, her father took her walking in the forest, showing her that forests were not only providers of wood, but also of life.

“The functions of a forest include supporting humans. People have worked as lumberjacks for centuries and have depended on the forest for their livelihoods,” Anna says. “So the death of a tree serves another life – human life.”

Anna is one of the few female foresters in Italy. For her, a forest is a complete, living system.

“As a woman, I do not only see a forest made of trees. I see a community that lives within that forest,” she explains. “For me, forestry is technical, aesthetic and emotional.”

By sustainably managing her forest, Anna helps achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15.

A forest that gives new life 

In October 2016, an earthquake devastated Campi di Norcia, a medieval town in Central Italy. Anna donated timber from her forest for the reconstruction of the town. Destroyed itself a hundred years earlier during World War I, her forest shall give new life to the devastated community.

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