Hidden paths and surprising discoveries in PEFC Italy’s photo contest

Discover the winning photos of PEFC Italy's 'Scatta il bosco PEFC 2019' photo contest!

Hidden paths and surprising discoveries in PEFC Italy’s photo contest

12 July 2019 Forests in photos

"How do forests affect your life? How do you enjoy the benefits that forests can offer you?"

‘Nella fiaba’

With these questions, PEFC Italy invited photographers to participate in the 2019 ‘Experience Forests, Experience PEFC’ photo contest. The Italian photographers answered with fantastic images!

A jury of foresters and photographers chose their favourites out of 350 photos entered into the contest. The number of ‘likes’ the photos obtained on Instagram made up a quarter of the final vote.

The winning images 

‘Luce, Tempo e Pazienza’ 

First place went to Davide Noia for his photo ‘Nella fiaba’ (‘In the fairy tale’), taken in Biella in Piedmontese Alps, in northern Italy.

"I took this photo on an early morning in March. This path in the Alps combines the colours of autumn and the ancient stone buildings,” Mr. Noia said.

Second on the podium was Fernando De Lellis with the photo ‘Luce, Tempo e Pazienza’ (‘Light, time and patience’), taken in San Gregorio Matese in Caserta, in Campiania region, South Italy.

For the photographer, the three simple words ‘Light, time and patience’ are the “basic rules for finding what you are looking for".

Federica Prisma made third place with her photo ‘Se in silenzio verso sera’ (‘If in silence in the evening’) taken on the Sella Pass in Bolzano province, Trentino Alto-Adige, North-East Italy, in the heart of the Dolomites.

'Se in silenzio verso sera’

"On a late afternoon in September, driving back at the end of a long day, I suddenly saw the silhouette of this beautiful deer almost at the edge of the road. I followed it and I had the chance to take this photo,” she explained.

The prizes 

Mr. Noia can look forward to a two-day stay in the PEFC-certified forests of Amiata Mount, in Grosseto province, in the south side of Tuscany, at the hotel Le Macinaie, including a bike tour and entrance to Indiana Park.

Mr. De Lellis receives a pair of FIAM "Linda" outdoor armchairs, made of PEFC-certified false acacia (black locust wood). Ms. Prisma gets a set for a plastic-free picnic, including a picnic basket, PEFC-certified wooden chopping boards, napkins, glasses and compostable plates.

For more photos entered into PEFC Italy’s contest, head to Instagram and search for the hashtag #scattailboscopefc19!

Experience Forests, Experience PEFC

PEFC Italy's contest was one of 13 national photo contests run by PEFC members.

Besides winning a fantastic national prize, the best photos from the national contests will enter the international contest. The overall winner will be announced in November and will receive a trip to the 2019 PEFC Forest Certification Week in Germany or 2000 CHF.

The top 12 photos will be featured in the 2020 PEFC photo calendar, and exhibited at PEFC Forest Certification Week.


See PEFC's latest COVID-19 guidance for certification bodies and certified entities.

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