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Benefits of PEFC Certification

certified-japanWith increasing demand for products from responsibly managed forests, business interest in Chain of Custody certification along the timber value chain is soaring.

PEFC’s Chain of Custody certification offers several important benefits.


A clear and transparent message

The simple action of being able to include the PEFC logo on a product or product-line communicates to the customer in a clear, concise and transparent manner that wood and non-timber forest products have been sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

Access to markets

Chain of Custody certification offers companies access to markets demanding eco-friendly products and market advantage in relation to companies with uncertified products. It enhances brand value.


Chain of Custody certification permits businesses to be confident about the sourcing of their timber and wood-based products.


Chain of Custody certification offers assurances that the final wood and/or non-timber product can be traced back to a sustainable source and that production processes used to transform the finished product have been implemented with due respect for environmental, economic and social standards.

Risk management

Chain of Custody certification includes a due diligence system to exclude wood from unknown, illegal and controversial sources. By implementing and maintaining a robust Chain of Custody system, companies can provide assurances that their products do not contain wood from illegal sources.

Business leadership on sustainability

By opting for PEFC Chain of Custody certification, businesses in the wood and forestry sector can enhance their competitive advantage over other suppliers in the value chain.

Availability and choice

Two-thirds of the world's certified forest area is certified to PEFC standards. That's currently more than 300 million hectares, offering the widest supply of certified fiber and timber.