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Chain of Custody Training

trainingWith over 10,000 PEFC Chain of Custody certificates issued worldwide, the PEFC Chain of Custody standard is widely applied by certified companies.

The correct implementation of our standard is regularly verified by certification bodies. On any given day, their auditors will check around fifty PEFC certified companies globally.

PEFC Chain of Custody Auditor Training

The PEFC Chain of Custody Auditor Training ensures that those auditors are kept up to date with the PEFC Chain of Custody Standard and our expectations, clarifications and interpretations, enabling them to consistently apply the chain of custody requirements in daily practice.

Last but not least these training events allow PEFC to exchange experiences and to receive valuable feedback on the implementation of the standard.

PEFC Chain of Custody auditors have to attend a PEFC recognized training at least once every two years. We offer auditors and certification bodies two possibilities to attend a PEFC recognized training:

Individual auditor training

Auditors can attend a training organized by PEFC International or a PEFC national member. Find out about individual auditor training, including our upcoming training sessions.

Training recognition for certification bodies

Certification bodies participating in the PEFC Training Recognition Program can provide internal training to their auditors. See how you can take part in the program.

Accreditation Body Training

Accreditation bodies play a vital role within the PEFC system, so it is important that they are familiar with the PEFC system and the PEFC Chain of Custody standard. This is why we now offer in-person training days to introduce accreditation body representatives to the  different parts of the Chain of Custody process. Find out more!