Caring for our forests globally
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PEFC bases its Sustainability Benchmark on broad consensus by society, expressed in globally respected international and intergovernmental process and guidelines. Our best practice standards promote environmentally sound, socially just, and economically viable management of our forests globally.

National Standards

In line with the idea of  "Think Global, Act Local," we require all standards to be fully developed at national level and in compliance with PEFC International's Sustainability Benchmark.

This bottom-up approach allows standards to be adaptable to local conditions, consistent with national laws and regulations, and meet the expectations of stakeholders on the ground.


International Endorsement

PEFC is an umbrella organization that endorses national forest certification systems.

National certification systems that have developed standards in line with PEFC requirements can apply for endorsement to gain access to global recognition and market access through PEFC International.


Forest Management

trees-sky-smallPEFC sets robust standards and realistic criteria for sustainable forest management at a global level that enjoy acceptance from stakeholders around the world.


Chain of Custody

In order to provide assurances that wood and wood-based products originate from sustainably managed forests, PEFC promotes Chain of Custody certification.


Logo Use

The PEFC logo and labels are globally trusted marks, assisting businesses, consumers, forest owners and managers, and other stakeholders in identifying and promoting merchandise and goods from forests that are managed sustainably.

It indicates that the wood  in a certified product originates from a PEFC-certified forest and allows for responsible purchasing decisions.


Technical Documentation

Much of PEFC's spectrum of activities is based on technical documentation.

It outlines principles, criteria, and procedures, and aims to define clear and unambiguous provisions; to be uniform of structure, of style and terminology to ensure homogeneity; and to be consistent within the complete corpus of our documentation.