Aragotruf: chooses PEFC to ensure the origin of the black truffle

The Spanish company Aragotruf chose PEFC certification for their truffles to allow their customers not only to enjoy the unmistakable products, but also to know where they come from.

Aragotruf: chooses PEFC to ensure the origin of the black truffle

22 February 2019 Food

By Oscar Cagigos Uhalte, Manager of Aragotruf 
Aragotruf is dedicated to the cultivation of truffles in all its stages – from the plant nursery where we prepare trees for producing the precious mushrooms, until the production, transformation and commercialisation of the black truffle and other truffle products.

The family company is based in Graus in the Huesca province, one of the main truffle areas of Spain, with excellent conditions for the production of black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum).

From the beginning, we have been committed to the sustainability of the environment in which we grew up and live. Our work allows economic, social and environmental development that values the characteristics of our surroundings.

Unveiling the secret of origin

The world of truffle cultivation is relatively new and unknown. While producing black truffles in plantations is now common, originally they were gathered in the mountains, where the characteristics of the ground and the climatic conditions favoured the growth of wild truffles.

With the change of climate in the last decades, the production of mountain truffles has decreased and most truffles come from plantations.

Since the truffles originally came from the mountains, there was a certain secrecy about their exact origin – an occultism that has been maintained until today.

This was one of the reasons why ARGOTRUF opted for a certification that provides assurance of the origin of the truffles - giving additional value to a product that already has an important place in gastronomy worldwide.

With PEFC certification, we want our customers to enjoy the product with its unmistakable aroma and taste, but also to know where it comes from.

We want to ensure traceability and disclose the path of the truffles produced sustainably in our mountains. We want to be able to share an experience that goes beyond tasting one of the greatest flavours of our land.

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