Sustainability in Packaging - Asia 2020

Sustainability in Packaging - Asia 2020

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With the demand for wood expected to triple by 2050, there is an enormous business benefit of managing forests in a sustainable way, making sure they continue to provide us with sustainable timber.

Our CEO Ben Gunneberg will address this growing demand in sustainably sourced materials in two sessions at ‘Sustainability in Packaging Asia 2020’, a virtual event taking place from 21-24 September.

A panel discussion on 23 September will highlight how policies, regulations and voluntary systems can accelerate the circular economy. Ben and other panellists from the entire supply chain will debate how regulations should be set and what we can learn from existing regulations globally.

In a second session on the same day, Ben will speak about the importance of sustainably managed forests for a sustainable packaging industry, and how wood-fibre packaging procurement policies can support companies in meeting their sustainability targets.

Making the most of our forests – by managing them sustainably

Sustainably managed forests have a number of benefits for companies, society and our planet.

When trees grow, they absorb COfrom the air and store it as carbon in their biomass. Absorbing about 38% of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use and industry, forests and trees play an important role in the mitigation of climate change. By managing forests sustainably, we can maximize their absorption of CO2.

Forest certification gives forests a value, creating a financial incentive to keep them standing and reducing the extent of forest degradation resulting from other land uses. By making sure forests can stay forests, we also support the livelihoods of people living in and around them, and create jobs for rural communities.

Sustainable from the forest to the final product

Consumers globally are changing their consumption habits to reduce their environmental impact, and are looking for sustainable and recyclable packaging.

Sustainability cannot stop in the forest. A truly sustainable paper product also needs a responsible supply chain. This is where chain of custody certification comes into play, delivering legality and traceability of the material from the forest to the final product.

The PEFC label allows companies to make their sustainable sourcing and supply chain visible to consumers, helps achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and supports companies in becoming part of the solution for a healthier planet.

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