Get PEFC Certified - Learn from First Movers in the Rubber Sector

Get PEFC Certified - Learn from First Movers in the Rubber Sector

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How does certification work for a product like rubber? Sustainable forest management and chain of custody certification has long been a proven method to demonstrate sustainability for other forest products, yet they are relatively new for the rubber industry. But early adopters are on the move.

PEFC has piloted certification for both natural rubber and rubberwood across Southeast Asia.

On 22 September, we invited everyone who sources, uses, trades or sells natural rubber and rubberwood products, and cares about protecting the world’s forests, to our webinar.

Watch the recording below to learn from these promising successes and get an insider’s view on how you can achieve certification.

With over 20 years of experience, PEFC is a world leader in forest certification. We have extensive stakeholder relationships throughout Southeast Asia, which is where the vast majority of the world’s natural rubber is produced. We understand the unique challenges for rubber certification, including the prevalence of smallholders and the daily pace of harvesting activities. PEFC has relied on this combination of expertise and relationships to successfully pilot chain of custody and group certification for rubber.

The webinar

This in-depth discussion addressed common technical questions that come up during the certification process. It gave the audience the chance to learn from those who have come before and take advantage of valuable collaboration opportunities.

Together, we discussed all types of certifications, including group certification for smallholders, chain of custody certification for companies in the rubber value chain. We explained how to achieve these certifications, but also how to build the kind of B2B linkages and that you need to be successful. We also looked at the benefits of certification, including improved management systems, proven risk mitigation, improved smallholder livelihoods and productivity, and expanded market access.  

PEFC is actively looking for more partners to collaborate with. Come and learn from those who are already seeing benefits from rubber certification. We’re here to help, at every step along the way.

The speakers

  • Richard Laity, PEFC Southeast Asia Manager
  • Rungnapa Wattanavichian, Project manager, Thailand Forest Certification Council
  • Mr. Diep Xuan Truong, Steering Member of the Sustainable Development Committee, Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG)


22 September 2021

10:00 - 11:00 (UTC+2)

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