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Our national members are independent, national organizations that develop and run the national forest certification system in their country. 

Responsible Wood

The Australian Forest Certification Scheme was first endorsed in 2004 and has been re-endorsed a further two times. The latest system, the Responsible Wood Forest Certification System is currently under assessment.

2013 system documentation

Australian sustainable forest management standard 488.32 KB
Australian full system documentation 10.93 MB

Endorsement milestones

To maintain its PEFC endorsement, the system must meet specific endorsement milestones. The first milestone is the start of the periodic review within five years of the national approval of the sustainable forest management standard.

  • National approval date: 17 May 2013
  • Review date: 14 November 2019*

* The review date is linked to the approval date of the revised Sustainable Forest Management standard PEFC ST 1003 (14 November 2018).

2021/2022 system assessment

  • Status: Public consultation finished, assessment ongoing
  • Type: Revised system (maintaining the endorsement)
  • Assessment Report
  • Download the system documentation
  • System submitted for assessment: 4 January 2022
  • Consultation: 28 February - 28 April 2022
  • Assessor: Form international

Watch the recording of the webinar to find out more about this national system.

System history

  • Re-endorsed: 24 April 2015
  • Re-endorsed: 15 July 2009
  • Endorsed: 18 October 2004
  • Joined PEFC: 22 November 2002

Responsible Wood

History before PEFC

In Australia, the concept of Sustainable Forest Management has a long and evolving history. As our understanding of forest ecology has increased and community attitudes have changed, forest management practices have also changed to ensure forests are conserved and managed responsibly so they deliver social, environmental and economic benefits now and in the future – balancing people, planet and profit.

In 2002, the Australian Forestry Standard Ltd, a not-for profit standards development organisation, was established to develop the Australian Forest Certification Scheme. The scheme is underpinned by two Australian Standards® – Forest Management (AS 4708) and Chain of Custody (AS 4707) – which provide guidance and accountability to forest managers, manufacturers and suppliers. They protect and promote Australia’s unique environments by ensuring a forestry industry that is environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable.

In 2004, Australia joined the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), the global authority on sustainable forest management. Along with Chile, Australia became the first non-European certification system to be endorsed by the PEFC.

What are the benefits of being part of the PEFC alliance?

PEFC provides mutual recognition across a diverse number of countries allowing effective and efficient access to international markets. It also provides best practice international benchmarks for sustainable forest management ensuring that global forests are protected while providing environmental, economic and social benefits.


Responsible Wood
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