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Our national members are independent, national organizations that develop and run the national forest certification system in their country. 

CUPFOA, Croatian Union of Private Forest Owners Associations

The Croatian Forest Certification System was submitted to PEFC for assessment on 29 April 2024. The system is currently under assessment for its first endorsement.

2024 system assessment

  • Status: Public consultation open, assessment ongoing 
  • Type: First endorsement
  • System submitted for assessment: 29 April 2024
  • Consultation: 17 June - 16 August 2024 - give your feedback
  • Assessor: to be announced
  • Download the documentation

Watch the recording of the webinar to find out more about this national system.

System history

  • Joined PEFC: 15 November 2023

History before PEFC

The Croatian Union of Private Forest Owners Associations (CUPFOA) was established to meet the common interests of the Croatian forest owners at domestic and international level. Since its establishment, CUPFOA has a goal to improve the quality and economic value of forest products as well as to improve the management of private forests in Croatia.

As private forests in Croatia are very fragmented with predominate small scale holdings, certification was very demanding and almost impossible, although pan-European SFM criteria have been introduced into our Forestry Act and we are obliged to manage our forests respecting the close to nature principles.

In cooperation with similar organizations in the region, we realize that only PEFC could fulfil our requirements for certification.

What are the benefits of being part of the PEFC alliance?

The biggest benefit of participating in the PEFC alliance is the preferred way of joint decision-making, exchange of knowledge and experience, and regional cooperation.

PEFC multi-stakeholders approach provides a good basis for a transparent procedure and easier integration of traditional forest management into the standard, all with the aim of obtaining international recognition for quality and sustainable management of forest resources.

The PEFC certification system provides a base for improvement of forest management in Croatian private forests and gives more opportunity to owners because all of them will have a possibility to have better market access with their certified wood products.

The PEFC certification system will also give forest owners the opportunity to confirm their long-standing commitment to sustainable management as well as recognition of the forestry profession for the preservation of natural forest ecosystems.


Miljenko Županić - General Secretary


Croatian Union of Private Forest Owners Associations
Frana Supila 7
10000 Zagreb

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Telephone: +385 98 604 739


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