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Our Board supports the work of the General Assembly and the organization as a whole, and is accountable to all members. Board members are elected by the General Assembly.        

A.K. Bansal

Board member

Term of Office: 2023 - 2026

A. K. Bansal is a retired officer of the Indian Forestry Service, with a career spanning 37 years in forest management and conservation. 

His extensive career includes key roles such as Additional Director General of Forests at the Ministry of Environment and Forests, where he influenced forest conservation policies, legal frameworks, and international collaborations. He also led initiatives related to forest certification, forest product research, and the development of wood-based industries.

Arun made substantial contributions to the growth of wood-based industries during his tenure as the Director of the Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute in Bangalore, focusing on research and training in wood composites, plantation timber utilization, and quality improvement techniques for wood products. 

With his knowledge of global and Indian perspectives on forest certification, Arun is a recognized authority in this field. He has authored papers focused on wood-based industries and their raw materials, and his expertise encompasses Indian forestry, non-forest trees, and advancing the plywood sector's development.

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