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timber-stackPEFC Sustainable Forest Management certification is only available in countries with PEFC-endorsed national certification systems.

The process for obtaining PEFC certification may slightly differ depending on country and type of certification.

Key stages required to obtain Sustainable Forest Management Certification include:

  • Become familiar with the certification options and requirements available in your country. This information can be obtained on the website of the relevant PEFC-endorsed national certification system.
  • Ensure that your management practices meet PEFC's strict sustainable forest management requirements.
  • Locate a PEFC-recognized certification body in your country (if your country is not listed, please select "PEFC Council"); establish initial contact by phone, e-mail or personal meeting.
  • Arrange for an independent certification body to assess your forest management practices against the national sustainable forest management standard and check that all requirements are fulfilled.
    This is done by making a formal application for Sustainable Forest Management certification with the certification body of your choice. Based on this application, you will receive a proposal, including a cost estimate. Costs of PEFC Sustainable Forest Management certification are fixed by individual certification bodies; due to the competitive nature of the certification business prices may vary by country and certification body.
  • Provide all relevant documentation as requested by the certification body.
  • A field visit by auditors from the certification body will be arranged. Field visits include visits to selected sites in the forest and further documentation reviews, and interviews with relevant staff.
  • Resolve, if necessary, any non-compliance issues. This is a pre-requisite before a sustainable Forest Management certificate can be issued.
  • If your management practices are found to be compliant with certification requirements, you will be issued a PEFC certificate. The certificate is usually valid for a period of three years. You will be required to submit your forests to an annual verification audit to ensure that your operations continue to comply with requirements.
  • Renew certification. In order to renew your certification upon expiry of the certification certificate, you will be required to undergo a new certification audit.

For more information

For further information or any questions about PEFC Sustainable Forest Management certification, please contact:

  • If you are in a country with an PEFC-endorsed national certification system, please contact your local representative directly. Our national PEFC member can provide you with country-specific information and tailored personalized support.
  • Otherwise, please contact us for further information.