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PEFC Standards Revision

Standard Setting

What's the standard about?

This standard outlines the processes and steps a Standardizing Body must take during the national standard setting process.

The Standardising Body is responsible for managing the process of standards development. In many cases the standardising body and the National Governing Body (the PEFC National member and responsible for the governance and administration of the system) are the same.

Who's revising the standard?

Working Group 3 is responsible for the revision of this standard. WG 3 will build consensus on the revised standard, relying on the involvement of active and committed individuals from different interest groups.

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To ensure that no single concerned interest can dominate the process, the WG has balanced representation of interested stakeholders, including geographical representation, and a consensus-driven decision making process.

What's the latest news?

The enquiry draft of the standard was finalized in early 2017 and went through a 60 day global public consultation, all interested parties were encouraged to give their comments.

The revised document introduced many improvements in document structure and clarity. More importantly, it introduced critical improvements to the standard setting process itself.

By far the biggest change is the further detailing of the periodic review. Standards need to be reviewed five years after their approval. While this is not a new requirement, the standard now specifies the exact steps of such a review. Find out more...

If you want to know more about how our standard is changing, then make sure you listen to the recording of our recent webinar!

At the last meeting the WG members considered the comments received from the public consultation, with the objective of producing a Final Draft. We aim to achieve consensus on the Final Draft in July 2017.

Tentative timeline

Here you can find the tentative timeline for the revision of this standard. The next stage is in bold:

  • January – February 2016: Establishment of the Working Group
  • April 2016: First WG meeting
  • October 2016: Second WG meeting
  • March - April 2017: Public consultation
  • June 2017: Conference call (third meeting)
  • July 2017: Aiming for WG consensus on final draft


There are several ways to get involved in the Standards Revision process:

Public Consultations
Provide input into the enquiry drafts when we launch the public consultations.

Expert Forum
The deliberations of the Working Groups will be informed by two online Expert Forums for SFM and for CoC.
Join the SFM Forum
Join the CoC Forum

Revision Newsletter
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Working Groups
The most powerful institution in the process: members are responsible for the core of the revision work.

Stakeholder Conference
Join us to discuss the revision work face-to-face and provide your input.