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PEFC Standards Revision

Requirements for Certification Bodies conducting PEFC Chain of Custody certification

What's the standard about?

This standard defines the requirements for certification bodies carrying out PEFC Chain of Custody certification.

Who's revising the standard?

Working Group 5  is responsible for the revision of this standard. WG 5 will build consensus on the revised standard, relying on the involvement of active and committed individuals from different interest groups.

To ensure that no single concerned interest can dominate the process, the WG has balanced representation of interested stakeholders, including geographical representation, and a consensus-driven decision making process.

What's the latest news?

The call for nominations for WG 5 is underway. To nominate a candidate to participate in the working group, please fill out the nomination form at The nomination deadline is 6 February 2019.

Please ensure that your nomination represents one or more of the five stakeholder categories below:

  • Certified PEFC scheme users: forest owners and managers; forest based industry (processing and trade) (max. 5)
  • Uncertified PEFC scheme users: PEFC scheme assessors; certification bodies; accreditation bodies; consultants (max. 5)
  • Customers and consumers: retailer organizations; consumer organizations; institutional consumers of forest based products, including governments (max. 5)
  • Civil society: science, environmental, social and other interest groups (max. 5)
  • PEFC National Governing Body members (max. 5)

In addition to this wide range of stakeholder interests, we also aim for a balanced representation of genders and regions in the working groups.

The first WG 5 meeting will take place on 20 - 21 March 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. WG 5 is expected to meet three times in total. We anticipate that the revision will be finalized by the end of 2019.

We expect participants to attend the first meeting of WG SFM and WG 5 in person. In subsequent meetings, participation via teleconferencing will be available as back-up option, if required. WG members are expected to participate in WG meetings consistently and in person as much as possible.

PEFC is not in the position to fund WG members’ expenses incurred due to participation in the WG, unless otherwise agreed with PEFC’s Secretary General in writing.

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There are several ways to get involved in the Standards Revision process:

Working Groups
The most powerful institution in the process: members are responsible for the core of the revision work.
Nominate your representative for:
Certification Body Requirements
Sustainable Forest Management
(permanent WG)

Public Consultations
Provide input into the enquiry drafts through our public consultations.

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