Complaints and appeals

We have a series of complaints and appeals mechanisms to enable stakeholders to raise awareness if something goes wrong.

Complaints and appeals

We are aware that, as with any program or activity, there may be issues of non-conformity or noncompliance from time to time. For this reason, PEFC has put in place a series of complaints and appeals mechanisms to enable stakeholders to raise awareness if something goes wrong.

We encourage everybody to forward information on any suspected activities to the respective complaints and appeals mechanism. In addition to correcting any such issues on the ground, complaints and appeals also provide an opportunity to implement corrective and preventive measures and help us to improve our services.

Certified entities

Complaints against certified entities are dealt with by the respective complaints and appeals procedures put in place by certification bodies. Issues that remain unresolved at this level should be raised with the respective complaints and appeals mechanisms of national accreditation bodies and thereafter - as a third level of appeal - with the IAF. If the certification body, or indeed an accreditation body is judged to not have dealt with the complaint appropriately, it risks losing its license to operate.

PEFC International or PEFC national members

Any stakeholder can lodge a complaint or appeal against PEFC International or a PEFC national member about its compliance with the PEFC requirements and PEFC Sustainability Benchmark, respectively.

Complaints or appeals against a PEFC national member should first be dealt with at national level. Each national member must have in place complaints and appeals procedures to deal with any issues. If they cannot be solved at national level, stakeholders can call upon PEFC International's complaints and appeals mechanism. Complaints against national members, if upheld, can have serious consequences, including the suspension or termination of PEFC endorsement.

Standard setting working groups 

National standard setting working groups must have mechanisms in place to deal with complaints and appeals concerning the standards development process.

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If you want to make a complaint, but are unsure who to contact, let us know at

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