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Delivering Impacts in the Forest and Beyond

In addition to offering a forest certification system, an important part of PEFC’s work is delivered through projects and initiatives. Working in close cooperation with partners around the world, we use projects to build capacity, improve market conditions for certified products and develop solutions to further advance sustainable forest management.

In support of emerging national certification systems specifically, we offer considerable support and guidance to the organizations leading standard development processes. Working in collaboration throughout the process can help to ensure that systems are developed efficiently, in alignment with PEFC’s requirements and that valuable experience gained in one country can be shared with another.

Through delivering forest certification over the last 15 years, PEFC has positively impacted significant areas of forest through requiring improved forestry practices and bringing attention to sustainable management. What’s less acknowledged is the impact PEFC is also delivering outside of forests. These impacts may be less obvious and beyond the traditional scope of forest certification, but they are exciting and hold much promise for scaling up.

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