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NL medSupporting our National members in their work to improve the reach and visibility of PEFC within their own country has always been an important aspect of our project work.

As PEFC continues to expand into ever more countries around the world, it is vital that our National members promote PEFC, from the forest owners, companies in the supply chain, to the general public and governments.

Through our Collaboration Fund, we have been able to support the work of several of our National members as they take on this important role: helping to increase the availability of PEFC-certified material on the marketplace, the uptake of PEFC certification – both Chain of Custody and Sustainable Forest Management, and the awareness of PEFC in their respective countries.

Here you can find a few of our projects:


2012 saw a significant increase in the market outreach activities of the Estonian Forest Certification Council (EFCC) – our member for Estonia – thanks to the support of the 2012 PEFC Collaboration Fund. While there had already been significant uptake of PEFC certification among the country’s forest owners, the awareness of PEFC certification among companies and the general public had remained low.

Through the Collaboration Fund, EFCC was able to expand its outreach activities, paving the way for increased certification and recognition of PEFC in the marketplace.


From 2012 to 2013 we supported a project by the Forest Certification Center (FCC) to build capacity for the development of PEFC certification in the Russian Far East.

forest russiaCo-financed by the 2012 PEFC Collaboration Fund, the project promoted PEFC certification throughout the region. Focusing initially on the development of an outreach program, subsequent training activities for forest managers, companies and certification bodies were also undertaken.

Key outcomes included the award of the first PEFC Forest Management and Chain of Custody certificates in the region.

In addition, our Russia Promotions initiative undertook promotional activities to advance the growth and awareness of PEFC certification and stimulate supply and demand for certified forest products throughout Russia.



Since its establishment in 2008, an important focus for PEFC Netherlands has been to increase market acceptance, recognition and awareness of PEFC in the Dutch market. With the support of PEFC International and other partners, PEFC Netherlands has developed a wide range of promotional materials, and is today known for its innovative marketing campaigns. As a result, the number of Dutch companies with a PEFC Chain of Custody certificate has increased dramatically.


csaIn Canada, there was a need to promote the linkages between CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and PEFC - highlighting to the CSA-certified companies, forest managers, aboriginal communities and others that they are also entitled to use the globally-recognized PEFC label.

In 2011, PEFC Canada, in collaboration with a range of partners and supported by the 2011 PEFC Collaboration Fund, embarked on a project to improve their promotional activities, including the development of a comprehensive Communications Toolkit, targeting forest owners and companies along the supply chain.

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